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Still... Good Guy Oracle!

: By Cattechie

The database emperor is facing a cutting-edge threat from it's rivals. The MySQL prime sponsor has to get up their chair work a way out of the competitive corporate mob attacks. There are companies which has claimed losses due to Oracle's product - Java but, none of them has shown the impact on their financials, also, the software company which acquired Sun microsystems, had to face criticism for their stable security on one of the greatest architecture. Java. Just like how it happens in India, the media across (blog journos esp. like TechCrunch - AOL - Post by Alex Williams) have been seen criticising the company. They claimed that Oracle lost $5.6Bn every quarter since it acquired Sun microsystems on Jan 27, 2010.

However, their financials does not state any loss, infact it shows a raise of $2.5bn in first quarter of acquiring the software giant Sun. There was a huge uproar after this acquition, notable people left Oracle for good, one of them was the Canadian computer scientist, also known as Father of Java Programming Language - James Gosling. Further to add up, Gosling joined Google and was notably working for Android where he left Google within 6 months of joining and claimed that Android needed a better leadership for its architecture. Sun had been liberal in not to patent the genetic code, but that does not mean they do not understand that Google has slimmed Sun's product. From a programmers perspective, Gosling is right, Android has a loose Java library and arbitrary code work is one of the reasons, people who develop on Android finds it difficult to work on other sects of Java.

The down of Oracle by rumours (unverified facts) and criticism has actually affected the market by bringing down Oracle shares upto 8.2% low. Now, that was a huge hit on Oracle! If you notice, the blogs which criticizes Oracle are mainly promoting other products by a specific company. Tells a lot! Blogging is also considered journalism in the United States but, it does not fall under law, which press has to comply with, id est, giving evidences. The news that we read are based on comments and reviews given by other giants without actually touching the base of the issues. Is Oracle realizing this long-turn pinch or is still unaware about this gimmick? For competitors like SAP, DataStax, Sugar and Salesforce, Oracle is a huge empire which needs falling, to raise their standards up. An easy example would be Wordpress as a blogging software. If other blogging software has to come up, they need to first move the fan following of blogging giant which has even affected Blogger, the father of all. Such movements are often seen where some bunch of people inspires other people to forget their opinions and barge onto what the other might be thinking. Name calling Microsoft Windows as M$CR&&^^* Windoze, etc is a trend amoung Linux users. However, they tend to forget that Microsoft has the resources and power to stop online piracy of their software and matter of fact remains that there are several business in India alone (example DTP operators) who are using pirated copies for their commercial work, bearing a sign of "This is not a genuine copy" and yet there are no raids on small scale companies. The raids of larger companies just requires them to buy the software and never pay compensation for it's illegal use. Coming back to Oracle, the giant has kept Java genetic code as it is and did not patent it, which has resulted in several other alternatives and open source app development architectures. Their continuous commit to database system like MySQL is one of the reason, Wikipedia is STILL FREE! They could have licensed their open source copies of MySQL but they didn't it. Had it been iSQL, story would have been different altogether! Writing bad about anything without specific motive and evidence is not just unethical but also immoral and is bullying, I hate bullies. I hope there are moral custodians to vanguard the free internet but, again that would be the other side of controlling internet. The coin keeps flipping and minds are affected. The possiblity of Oracle getting hit by greater ratio is highly likely, which will definitely refrain the investors to buy their shares. The chain reaction has started, it would be interesting to know how Oracle will respond to it.

Bottomline: Bad things can happen to nice guys. Keeping MySQL community alive and keeping Java free with ample of resources, the architecture which could have made even more billions has limited greed though powerful strategies. Still, I would meme it has : Good Guy Oracle.

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